MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon shared his thoughts on skin exposure in the entertainment industry.

Lee Joon was a guest on “Radio Star” on July 24 along with Kim Heung Gook, Sayuri and Clara.

During the episode, Lee Joon stated that he agreed with Clara’s recent tweet that became a hot topic.

Clara recently tweeted something in response to a particular writer’s negative views on female celebrities and how they wrongly use skin exposure as a means to gain interest.

Clara tweeted, “I’m saying this because it’s pricking at my conscience. To me, interest is the same as an employer’s salary and disinterest means retirement. Only when you receive a salary can you live but just like your main goal in life is not about your salary, my main goal is not about interest. It is about becoming a great actress.”

Back to the episode, Lee Joon stated, “I agreed with that tweet a lot. I think this topic is harsh on female celebrities so I feel bad,” and “When men take it off, people say we look hot but when women take it off, people have a lot of bad things to say. I think it’s really rude to say that a woman is exposing her skin just to get attention.”

Lee Joon garnered much attention for showing his fandom toward Clara during this episode. He admitted that he was a big fan of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” but had to switch the channel to SBS’ “Star King,” which airs on the same time, because Clara was a fixed guest at a certain point.

Meanwhile, Lee Joon didn’t fail to impress viewers with his funny and witty remarks on the show, such as his young hopes to marry Moon Hee Jun. This episode recorded a high viewership rating of 10.2%, which is almost 1% higher than last week’s episode.

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