It was recently revealed that Lee Juk will sing for Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding. Osen reported that a representative of Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding stated on March 12, “Lee Juk will sing for the wedding. Jeon Ji Hyun is a fan of Lee Juk and her representative contacted him around April 10.”

However, another news source Newsen reported something a little different. They stated that “Although Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Juk don’t’ know each other personally, Jeon Ji Hyun herself asked Lee Juk to sing for the wedding and he happily accepted the request. I don’t know what song he will sing or what song Jeon Ji Hyun requested.”

Regardless of how Lee Juk ended up singing at Jeon Ji Hyun’s wedding, it looks like he will be singing at it for sure!

Jeon Ji Hyun’s highly anticipated wedding will be held on April 13.

For those of you who don’t know Lee Juk, here is one of his popular songs “It’s a Good Thing”: