Lee Jun Ki recently boasted about the great teamwork among the cast members of the upcoming MBC drama, “Two Weeks.”

On July 31, the press conference for “Two Weeks” was held where Lee Jun Ki commented, “I get comfortable only when I goof around and play on set, but if I can’t hang out with my cast members, it becomes hard,” and “However, I didn’t have to worry about that.”

He continued, “I drink with Ryu Soo Young at times,” and “I found out that Park Ha Sun and Kim So Yeon also like to drink,” which made everyone laugh.

Lee Jun Ki added, “We all got together for a drink and discussed our thoughts about the drama and comforted each other for the pressure that we all felt,” and “Just going to the set is so fun.”

“Two Weeks” is set its pilot episode to air on August 7.