Lee Jun Ki has over 1 Million friends on the largest Chinese social networking service “Weibo!” A representative of his agency Interactive Media Mix (IMX) stated on April 13, “We believe that this is a result of asking how fans are, constantly giving updates, and sharing an honest connection with fans that have waited for 2 years. We believe that his special feelings for fans have reached out to Chinese fans.”

On certain days he receives nearly 50,000 daily visits.

Lee Jun Ki stated, “I am so happy that my Weibo has reached 1 Million friends. I want to give a gift to the 1 millionth friend. I will continue to give updates about my current situation and drama projects.”

As we reported earlier, on April 7, Lee Jun Ki made an appearance on the Chinese “Dong Fang Fen Yun Bang” awards. At the ceremony he performed “Born Again” to the surprise of fans.