Lee Jun Ki arrived at Yokohama on March 22 to celebrate the newly released Japanese single “Deucer.” “Deucer” topped the Oricon Daily Chart immediately after its release, even though it was only a pre-sales round for Lee Jun Ki’s fanclub members.

He immediately held a press conference at Yokohama international terminal’s Oosanbashi Hall with more than 80 media outlets. The press conference was followed by a “High-Touch” event for fans. High-Touch is a Japanese term used to refer to high-fives. 

The “High-Touch” fan meeting was divided into four sections and more than 2,500 fans came to each session. Lee Jun Ki happily greeted his fans with cheerful high-fives all throughout the event with a smile on his face. Some fans were dressed in vampire outfits to symbolize their undying passion and love for Lee Jun Ki. Fans also cheered to and sang Lee Jun Ki’s new song “Together,” enjoying their reunion with the star.

Lee Jun Ki commented, “I was a little nervous since I had a two year hiatus, but I was greatly encouraged and inspired by my fans and their continuous love and passion. I am really happy that I got a chance to look at each and everyone of these fans in person and high five them on the last day of my Japanese schedule.”  

Lee Jun Ki will return to Korea today (March 23) through Kimpo Airport. 

Check out Lee Jun Ki’s new song “Together”s teaser video below!