It has been reported that actor Lee Jun Ki has returned to the set of MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” once again after getting injured during filming.

Despite suffering a nose fracture while filming a scene with co-star Lee Yoo Bi, Lee Jun Ki is said to have rushed over to the set as soon as he fully recovered, due to his affection for the drama, as well as his passion for acting.

On June 19, the drama’s production team shared still cuts of the actor flashing a bright smile for the camera, which were taken on June 18—the day he returned to the set—showing that he is ready to get right back into filming.

It is also reported that Lee Jun Ki eased the worried staff members by greeting everyone brightly and with more positive energy than ever before, lighting up the entire filming set.

Meanwhile, “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is scheduled to begin airing in July.

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