New stills of Lee Jun Ki‘s “naughty hands” from the upcoming drama, “Two Weeks” are creating a buzz.

On June 20, Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun filmed the scene where they meet for the first time in the drama. Park Ha Sun, who plays the role of Seo In Hye, transformed into a mermaid statue to promote the Busan International Film Festival.

Lee Jun Ki, who plays the role of Jang Tae San, argues with his friends on whether or not Park Ha Sun is a person or a statue. Eventually, Lee Jun Ki places his hand on Park Ha Sun’s breast to see if she is real or not!

The drama staff revealed that as soon as the filming stopped, Lee Jun Ki was so embarassed, that he pretended to run away from Park Ha Sun, which drew many laughs around the set. Also, it is reported that Park Ha Sun had to sit in one position from early dawn to late in the evening due to her body paint. Despite the troubles, Park Ha Sun was friendly toward the fans and gave them many smiles.

“Two Weeks” will air on August 7 after “The Queen of the Classroom” ends.

lee jun ki two weeks still