After two weeks of the London Olympics, two new dramas finally made their grand premieres. MBC and SBS aired  Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah’sArang and the Magistrate” and f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho’s “To the Beautiful You” respectively. As expected, KBS’sBridal Mask” secured its lead in ratings with 19.4% (AGB Nielsen).  “Arang and the Magistrate” premiered strong with a 13.3%, while “To the Beautiful You” followed with a 7.3%.

Based on famous folklore, the fantasy drama takes place in the Joseon era. Shin Min Ah’s Arang is the daughter of a magistrate who is brutally murdered. She returns as a ghost with no recollection of her life and how she was murdered. Arang goes around haunting every new magistrate who comes to town, that is until Lee Jun Ki’s Eun Oh. Eun Oh isn’t just any ordinary Joseon man. Since early childhood, he had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. As such, he’s gotten used to being bothered by the spirits. Eventually, Eun Oh helps Arang learn the truth of her death.

“To the Beautiful You” is a Korean adaptation of the popular Japanese drama “Hana Kimi.” Sulli’s Goo Jae Hee is an extreme fan girl of champion high jumper Kang Tae Joon, played by Minho, who tries to make a comeback from a career-threatening injury. TO help revive his career, Jae Hee impersonates a guy to attend Tae Joon’s all boys high school.

What were your first impressions on the new dramas?