Surprising news regarding singer Lee Jung was revealed on KBS Joy’s “The Chair Korea” on December 28, in which he stated that he was currently in a relationship with an unknown female. Due to this statement, there was a flurry of activity on search engines with the number one hot topic being “Lee Jung relationship.” However, Lee Jung and his agency have quelled the flames of interest revolving around these key words by stating that he is not dating.

Lee Jung’s agency, Media Line, claimed that “Lee Jung is not in a relationship, but rather is showing steady progress with someone. He is meeting this friend with warm feelings but to say anything else will be jumping to conclusions.” Media Line also remarked that “KBS Joy’s program somewhat exaggerated the claims [of Lee Jung having a girlfriend] and we are not yet sure how the segment will be edited.

Lee Jung himself has not admitted that he is in a relationship so no one can say he has a girlfriend. He is currently busy with the preparation of a new album and has various filming schedules that makes it hard in maintaining a relationship status.” The singer himself only had one phrase in response to this outbreak, which was “Oh dear…” on his Twitter account.