Singer/actress Lee Jung Hyun, also known as Ava, has posted several photos of herself with Teresa Espinosa, the world-renown choreographer of many pop stars including Janet Jackson and Beyonce.

With the message, “Training my moves in the U.S with Teresa, who’s famous for her works with Janet Jackson and Beyonce~,” Lee Jung Hyun posted four photos of her learning dance moves from one of the best choreographers in the world.


Netizens have commented, “Janet Jackson’s choreographer and Lee Jung Hyun meets, I’m so pumped!” “Come back to Korea!” and “the Queen of transformation!”

Lee Jung Hyun was last seen at the Berlin International Film Festival for her latest movie, “Night Fishing,” which was co-directed by Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyong, and entirely shot by the Apple iPhone 4. Her last album, “007th,” was released in 2010. Mostly referred to as “The Techno Warrior” or “The Techno Queen,” Lee Jung Hyun was one of the most popular female singers in the late 90s to early 2000s. Her hit singles include “Wa” and “Change.”