Lee Jung Mi was the first contestant to be dropped from the live broadcast of SBSK-Pop Star.” After all the contestants finished their performances, they lined up and awaited the results. Towards the end, only Lee Jung Mi and Kim Na Yoon were left on stage. One of the two contestants would be dropped.

Both of them gave remarks with Lee Jung Mi stating “Today I was disappointed with my performance and anticipated this kind of result a little bit. Even if I get dropped I won’t be sad.” Kim Na Yoon stated, “I am nervous and shaking.”

JYP then announced the 9th contestant to move on to the next round stating, “Although this person wasn’t the lowest for the score given by the judges, the text message votes were too low. It is a shame.” Lee Jung Mi was then dropped.

Lee Jung Mi made a final statement, “Thank you for letting me compete up to this point. I am leaving the show after learning a lot.”