Actor Lee Kwang Soo has snagged a deal with a popular potato chip brand as the official sponsor.

On October 31, several behind the scenes photos of Kwang Soo were taken at the CF filming site. The pictures show him having a blast interacting with the children making one question if he’s actually working. He proved to be very popular with the children because they all competed amongst themselves to get close to the “nice guy.”

His rainbow-like checkered top underneath a dark navy vest and grey bow tie compliments with his pink skinny jeans. His color outfit brightens up the set along with his genuine smile and exaggerated gestures, the perfect combination in capturing childrens’ attention.

An official representative of the brand revealed that the advertisement series concept is “Family Parts.” There are “Father’s Part,” “Mother’s Part,” “Son’s Part,” and “Daughter’s Part.” Kwang Soo will be the lead for the “Son’s Part.”

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo is receiving much love for his character Park Jae Gil in KBS’s drama “Nice Guy” and his giraffe-traitor character in SBS’s variety program “Running Man.”