Lee Kwang Soo has decided to renew his contract with King Kong by Starship Entertainment, continuing their partnership that has already lasted for 10 years.

On June 1, King Kong by Starship Entertainment revealed that Lee Kwang Soo had renewed his contract with them. The decision was based on the strong foundation of trust he has with the current head of the agency, Lee Jin Sung, who he’s worked with since his early debut days.

Lee Jin Sung stated, “Lee Kwang Soo has been working with King Kong by Starship since his rookie days, and he has grown along with the company. We are like family and have given each other a lot of strength throughout the years. We are happy to continue our tight partnership with him in this every-changing industry.”

He continued to add, “Lee Kwang Soo is an actor who is always thinking about his work and always does his best,” and “Since his early days, he has always stayed a humble and hardworking artist who is a good influence on those around him. We will continue to walk alongside him as a reliable partner, and we will do our best to support him based on our mutual trust.”

Lee Kwang Soo has been active in films, dramas, and variety shows, and is popular both in Korea and overseas. He was recognized for his acting talent in his most recent drama, tvN’s “Live,” and many are excited to see him in his upcoming film, “Detective: Returns.”

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