Talk show “Healing Camp” will be going through some major changes.

It was announced through various news outlets on July 1 that the show’s MCs Lee Kyung Kyu and Sung Yuri will be both leaving the show. Their recording on July 1 will be their last with the program. Lee Kyung Kyu has been with the show since its inception four years ago, while Sung Yuri  has been an MC for the program for two years, after actress Han Hye Jin left the show.

Out of the three MCs that have run the show, only comedian Kim Je Dong will be remaining as an MC.

Lee Kyung Kyu has voiced wishes to focus more on his current programs “Take Care of My Dad” and “Look Back at Me,” while Sung Yuri will be focusing on acting.

The new MCs for “Healing Camp” have not been announced as of yet.

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