Lee Min Ho and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA continue their advertising campaign for outdoor clothing brand Eider. The two recently released shots from their couple shoots for the fall-winter campaign of Eider.

Lee Min Ho and YoonA embodied the “Scent of a Couple” concept of the season’s campaign. According to reports, the two were complete professionals that enhanced their portrayal of youthful love in a romantic season. Both stylish and good-looking, Lee Min Ho and YoonA’s good attitude on set also had the on-site staff impressed.

On-site accounts also said Lee Min Ho acted out the romantic autumn season with his glittering eyes. He gently lifted his gaze to the camera, capturing the sharp profile of his nose and chin. Combined with his luxury, outdoor jacket, it created the robust and dreamy atmosphere of the fall. Meanwhile, YoonA’s orange jacket created a tough and rugged look that was previously unseen on her.

According to Eider officials, “Lee Min Ho and YoonA has helped raise the Eider brand, as well as understand what the brand is all about. We are determined to shoot high-quality pictorials more than ever.”

Lee Min Ho and YoonA were named endorses for Eider beginning in 2011.