Lee Min Ho recently sat down with Chinese news outlet Sina Entertainment for an interview, during which he talked a bit about his military enlistment.

Despite military service being one of the topics banned from the interview, Lee Min Ho personally brought up the topic, much to the surprise of the media.

He explained his reaction to the woman that recently made headlines for shaving her head to express to the actor that she would wait for his return from the military: “I saw the articles about it,” said Lee Min Ho. “I could feel her sincerity, and I was very moved. But, to be honest, I don’t yet have any specific plans regarding my enlistment or the timing of it. Because she already shaved her head, it could be that when I do end up going to the army, her hair will have grown out quite a bit.”

Shifting gears, Lee Min Ho went on to talk about his career, and what he’s thankful for. “As an actor, what I’m thankful for the most is the ability to bring strength to people, and to become a source of energy in people’s lives. I want to share the love and support I’ve gotten from [all my fans] with more projects and activities.”

When asked whether he’s concerned that his popularity will fall while he’s away in the military, Lee Min Ho said, “If you were to compare me to a book, I am a book that is in progress, and because of that, the end is uncertain. However, I believe that the pages that I’m writing right now will be remembered forever. So no, I’m not worried; I just feel I have to work hard to share the love with more and more people.”

Lee Min Ho is starring in the upcoming film “Bounty Hunters” alongside Wallace Chung.

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