It is being reported that actor Lee Min Ho has taken legal action against the sale of a product called ‘Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack,’ which has been using his photo for advertisement purposes without permission.

According to an insider in the legal circle, Lee Min Ho filed for an injunction to prohibit the sale of this product on June 5, citing the violation of his portrait rights.

On June 10, a representative of the actor’s agency, Starhaus, revealed, “It is true that we have requested to stop the sale [of the ‘Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack’].

The agency rep continued to explain, “We have confirmed that a [face mask] known as the ‘Lee Min Ho Mayu Pack,’ which has Lee Min Ho’s face on it, is being sold on the market. As it has been earning a good response in China, it seems that the manufacturing company has been trying to attract investors and getting in contact with them. Of course, there is the fact that they have violated Lee Min Ho’s portrait rights. However, we have filed for an injunction in order to prevent any secondary investment damages.”

It has been brought to light that the production company of the drama “Faith,” in which Lee Min Ho starred, allowed manufacturers of the face mask to use an image of the actor’s face from the drama in selling the product without receiving permission from the actor himself. It is said that this problematic product is not only being sold illegally in Korea, but also being exported and sold overseas as well.

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