Lee Min Ho has renewed his contract with premium outdoor clothing and goods brand Eider, making him the brand’s spokesmodel for five years running.

Being a spokesmodel for such a lengthy period is quite remarkable given how often brands change their models. Having modeled for Eider since 2011, the brand has enjoyed increased sales after targeting individuals in their twenties and thirties through using the actor.

Besides Eider, the Hallyu star has many other spokesmodel contracts. Most notably, he is the male face of cosmetics company Innisfree for six years and counting. His ability to maintain his contracts is a true sign of his star power.

Of course, Lee Min Ho has a large global presence and fan base. Currently, he has over 28 million followers on his Weibo account. LG Electronics signed an exclusive contract with the actor last year and cashed in on the “Lee Min Ho Syndrome.” Following favorable results, the company expressed their plans to continue their contract with the star.

Samsonite Red also selected the actor as their global main model. Apparently, the brand enjoyed a 40 percent increase in yearly sales after adding on Lee Min Ho. Adding on to his long list of contracts, the star also models for Kyochon Chicken. The tasty chicken brand plans on expanding their enterprise to countries in Southeast Asia as well as China, Japan, and the United States. Furthermore, his global power has resulted in becoming a spokesmodel for Philippine clothing brand BENCH for four years running.

Meanwhile, the actor started filming the blockbuster film “Bounty Hunters” on September 2.

Does Lee Min Ho make you want to make purchases from the brands he endorses?

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