Just a couple days after rocking the K-Pop world with his relationship with Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho was involved in yet another rumor that stirred up a whole new controversy today. This time he’s being accused of getting plastic surgery after this photo of him with a couple plastic surgeons started surfacing on the Web.

In the photo watermarked “Star Line Plastic Surgery Clinic,” Lee Min Ho looks quite close with the doctors as they appear to be good friends. It’s pretty common for celebrities to take celebratory photos with doctors after undergoing plastic surgery, so netizens started speculating whether this was proof of Lee Min Ho’s past procedure.

Lee Min Ho’s agency, Star Haus Entertainment, however, denied the rumors saying, “He took that photo three or four years ago because he’s good friends with the doctors. He never received plastic surgery.”

A close friend of Lee Min Ho also told enews24, “I don’t know where all the interest is coming from since this picture was already made a big issue a few years ago. Just because he took a photo with plastic surgeons doesn’t mean he actually had surgery. My understanding is he took that photo after he visited the clinic because of his friend. We never imagined this picture would later be interpreted as Lee Min Ho having plastic surgery. I’m afraid Lee Min Ho would be so disappointed after hearing this rumor.”

From what we see, Lee Min Ho looks exactly the same as he did in high school (see photo below). What do you think? Is this just another groundless rumor or do you see any change in his face?