Remember Lee Min Ho’s Toyota Camry “One and Only” web series from last year? The dramatic four-part series came to a stunning end, becoming one of the most powerful car ads in recent memory.

Well, it looks like Toyota really liked Lee Min Ho’s acting and now they’re back with a follow up series called, “The One and Only Epilogue.” This campaign, a continuation of the previous “One and Only” series, will put an end to the overall storyline, finally giving us the outcome of the identity-swapping battle between Joon and Kwon, a dual character played by Lee Min Ho.

In case you haven’t seen it already, the basic storyline goes like this: Joon (the good brother) wakes up from a coma, only to find out his entire memory has been wiped out. But his Camry plays an important role in tracing back his lost memories, and he discovers his evil twin brother Kwon was the mastermind behind the whole accident that caused his memory loss. Joon goes on to discover Kwon had set up the whole plot to take away his girl friend Sohee, who is just about to get married to him. Joon ends up going to the wedding and encounters Kwon and Sohee, but no one believes his identity…

To find out the rest of the story, and to watch the first episode of “One and Only Epilogue,” visit the official Toyota Camry “One and Only Epilogue” website here!