Actor Lee Min Ho’s fan signing event in China drew in an unexpectedly large amount of people, which caused the event to be cancelled.

On April 3, according to Lee Min Ho’s agency, Starhaus Entertainment, the signing event in China was supposed to take place on April 2 at a store opening for Semir. However, due to an overflow of people, the event got cancelled.

Semir is a popular Chinese clothing brand that has over 6,000 stores all over the country. In light of the new store that was being opened, Lee Min Ho, who is the official model for the brand, was supposed to hold a fan signing event.

However, huge crowds of people started to camp out from the night before the event to see Lee Min Ho. On the day of the event, 5,000 people were already gathered. The crowd was overflowing the square, which was causing quite a bit of problems.

The employees of the store were trapped inside by the crowd of people and could not go outside. Initially, there were 100 event staff and security staff but the situation called for an additional 300 people to alleviate the situation.

Eventually, the event was cancelled to avoid any accidents or hazards. It is reported that Lee Min Ho just stayed around his hotel and did not even lay a step onto the event location. On that very night, he had to fly back to Korea.

Sources from Semir said, “A lot of time and expenses were used to prepare for this event so we are very disappointed that it was cancelled. However, due to this incredible turn up of people, many news agencies were present and it helped our brand image in a positive way.”

Lee Min Ho made a last minute video clip to show to the fans who turned up at the event. In the clip he said, “I’m so upset that I won’t get to see all of you. I promise you that I will come back at the next opportunity,” as he expressed his apologies and thanks. This clip was broadcasted at the square and drew loud cheers and applause from fans.

Lee Min Ho tried his best to give something back to his fans and gave out 300 signatures in two hours.

Meanwhile, after Lee Min Ho returned to Korea, he posted on his Weibo, “Thank you so much to all the fans who waited for such a long time at the event. But on one side, I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t get to meet you. I hope I can see you all very soon.”