Lee Min Ho’s popularity ended up shutting down a Chinese server. Currently Lee Min Ho is working as a model for “innisfree.” The reason that a server was shutdown was because of Lee Min Ho’s digital marketing. Starting on April 9 in China, innisfree created a social movie as an advertisement.

The clip is 4 minute and 30 seconds long and is about Lee Min Ho missing his first love. When you input your picture and name, you are showed as being Lee Min Ho’s first love. At the end of the story you can choose either “Yes” or “No” to see different endings.

A representative of Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “We believe that many fans flooded the website because you could become the female character and also choose whatever ending you want.”

A representative of the commercial stated,” During a clothing brand promotion held in Xi’an, 5,000 fans arrived causing the event to become cancelled. We took this into account and increased our server capacity. However, we believe the shutdown occurred because of the influx of fans going into the website all at once.”

The social movie is on the following website: “socialmovie.innisfree.cn”

The following clip is Lee Min Ho’s promotional greeting for “innisfree” launching in China: