Lee Min Ho’s popularity in China has been off the charts lately as his latest TV drama “City Hunter” continues to gain recognition across the country, local media reported today. According to China’s top portal Baidu, Lee Min Ho was voted as the “most searched male star” among all celebrities from across the world. In fact, Lee Min Ho and Justin Bieber were the only two non-Chinese celebrities to make it in the top 10.

Also, according to youku.com and tudou.com, two of China’s largest video content sites, Lee Min Ho’s TV drama series “City Hunter” ranked #1 on both weekly and daily view counts. “More than 35 million people visited the ‘City Hunter’ webpage, which have led to 100 million view counts so far,” Lee Min Ho’s representative told local media. His previous hit drama show, “Boys Over Flowers,” was also picked as the most favored Korean TV drama in a separate poll.

As Lee Min Ho’s presence keeps growing in China, local Chinese media are also providing extensive coverage of the star actor. Some media outlets have described him as a “marvelous man,” lauding his mature acting skills. It has even led to increased sales revenue as some of the fashion items worn by Lee Min Ho have completely sold out.

Meanwhile, SBS “City Hunter” has seen its TV ratings continue to grow, reaching almost 20% lately, as it heads to the climax of the show. In case you missed it, make sure you read our “City Hunter” recaps every week!

Source: Sports Korea