SBS’s “Fates and Furies” unveiled photos of Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook before the finale.

The two lead characters are facing each other on the street that contains their memories. The night scenes surrounding them are romantic, but they are stuck in a heavy atmosphere. What brings them back here late at night?

Joo Sang Wook seems to be saying something important to Lee Min Jung with a dark expression on his face. He knows better than anyone that if he discloses the slush fund scandal involving his half-brother, she will be in danger as well. Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung gazes sorrowfully at him as she holds back her emotional tears.


In the last episode, Tae In Jun (played by Joo Sang Wook) visited Goo Hae Ra (Lee Min Jung), who helped him get revenge, to vent his love and resentment that still lingered in his mind. Due to guilt, Goo Hae Ra couldn’t approach him. She is prepared to go to prison to atone for Tae In Jun. The viewers are focused on whether the complicated couple, which has become tangled up with misunderstandings and conspiracy, will be able to reunite or not.

The production crew said, “In today’s final episode, Tae In Jun will make a decisive hit by bringing down Han Sung Sook (Song Ok Sook) and Tae Jung Ho (Gong Jung Hwan). You won’t be able to take your eyes off Tae In Jun’s strong revenge. We hope you watch what kind of choices Tae In Jun will make between love and revenge, and what kind of ending Tae In jun and Goo Hae Ra will have.”

The last episode will air on February 9 at 9:05 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, catch up to the latest episode below!

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