Actress Lee Min Jung and ZE:A’s Lim Siwan have revealed a youthful and bright love story in their latest CF. They were chosen as models for the cosmetics brand, Skin Food.

The filming took place in a beautiful garden and it was the first time that both actors have met each other. Lee Min Jung led the set atmosphere with her gentle smile and her baby-like, white skin. Lim Siwan, who is currently one of the hottest “flower boy” actors, has taken place as her co-star.

It is reported that the awkwardness only lasted for a brief moment and as soon as filming started, they were able to focus on their parts to give a lovely and natural couple performance.

Netizens who caught a glimpse of this CF commented, “This CF looks so nice and warm, I hope the two actors have a chance to work together in the future,” “They look very good together,” and “They really look so fresh like cider.”

Check out this clip of the CF below: