Lee Min Jung explained the current “rumor” going on that she didn’t know who Kim Bum Soo was. On June 4th Kim Bum Soo appeared on MBC Radio’s “Date at 2PM I am Yoon Do Hyun.” Kim Bum Soo admitted that he was a big fan of Lee Min Jung. He said, “I asked Jung Yeop to send a text to Lee Min Jung saying ‘Bum Soo is a great fan of yours.” Lee Min Jung replied via text, “Who, Lee Bum Soo?

Lee Min Jung heard about the incident and wrote on her Cyworld mini-homepage, “I read an article on the internet and laughed out loud. Kim Bum Soo ‘Orabuni’ (a formal way of saying oppa) how would I not know Kim Bum Soo. Haha, at that time Jung Yup didn’t attach your last name, that’s why I asked Lee Bum Soo?

Lee Min Jung also stated, “I am a big fan of Yoon Do Hyun and Kim Bum Soo,” “also congratulations Yoon Do Hyun on getting first place this week.” She also posted a picture of her of CF filming with Yoon Do Hyun.

Source: Newsen