With the popular drama, KBS‘s Once Again having come to a close with outstanding viewer ratings, actress, Lee Min Jung spoke about her chemistry with co-star Lee Sang Yeob as well as how her family reacted to her kiss scenes.

KBS “Once Again”

Regarding acting with Lee Sang Yeob, Lee Min Jung confessed that she ended up relying on him a lot.

Since we had the most scenes together, we relied on each other quite a bit.

— Lee Min Jung

She also went on to praise the actor.

Lee Sang Yeob is always artful and natural when he acts, so I feel like we had good chemistry when we acted.

— Lee Min Jung


Moreover, Lee Min Jung addressed what others thought of her and Lee Sang Yeob’s relationship on the show and expressed her liking.

I heard that many people thought our faces look alike and that that made people like and feel comfortable with seeing us as a couple. And that made me happy.

— Lee Min Jung

But she did confess that acting at the beginning of the drama was hard.

There was a lot of fighting scenes right off the bat, so it was hard at first.

— Lee Min Jung


In particular, Lee Min Jung drew attention by sharing what her family thought about her kiss scenes with Lee Sang Yeob.


She made the surprising revelation that it was her son who was worried, not her husband, Lee Byung Hun.

It wasn’t a drama that centered around romance, so there was nothing special to begin with. But my son reacted in a way where he was like, ‘Oh no, we’re in trouble.’

— Lee Min Jung

And she explained why.

His father was totally okay, but my son was worried about him thinking he would get mad.

— Lee Min Jung

KBS “Once Again”

The popular KBS drama, Once Again just came to an end with a total of 100 episodes, and it’s available for international streaming on KOCOWA.