Actress Lee Min Jung re-signed with her agency, MSteam Entertainment.

Lee Min Jung first signed with MSteam Entertainment in 2008. Although there were a few months left on her contract, Lee Min Jung re-signed with this agency without much change to the contract, showing her strong faith and trust in the company.

After signing with MSteam Entertainment, Lee Min Jung appeared on “Boys Over Flowers,” which helped her launch her successful career. Afterwards, she appeared in the drama “Smile You” and the film “Cyrano Agency,” which captured the hearts of many male fans.

Lee Min Jung shared, “I’m grateful for this company since they helped me grow into where I am right now. The company’s methods are very helpful for actors to keep our love for acting whenever we start a project. So my trust in them made me decide to stay with them early on.”

MSteam Entertainment also stated, “Lee Min Jung showed great partnership with the company for four years and we are grateful for how she grew. We are happy that we re-signed once again with strong trust. We will keep giving our unchanging support so she could continue to make a meaningful career as an actress.”

Lee Min Jung reemerged in the K-Drama scene through the miniseries, “Big” and is currently busy filming CFs and photo shoots. She is currently looking through new future projects at the moment.