Recently, Lee Sang Min named who he thinks are the top three idol producers in Korea.

On July 8, Block B’s Zico appeared as a guest on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.” When he came on the show, Lee Sang Min revealed that Zico had previously had drinks with the “Ask Us Anything” cast.

Following this, Zico stated that he thought Lee Sang Min did not like him. “I’ve been a fan of Lee Sang Min for a long time, but when I entered the restaurant, Lee Sang Min left. I wondered if he didn’t like me,” said Zico.

As soon as Zico said that, Lee Sang Min quickly replied “That’s definitely not the case. There are three idols who I acknowledge in terms of writing and producing music. It’s G-Dragon, Zico, and B1A4’s Jinyoung. I respect Zico a lot.”

Do you agree with his list of the top idol producers?

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