Nice Guy’s’” Lee Sang Yeob and “May Queen’s” Kim Yoo Jung had a couple pictorial for the January issue of “SURE” magazine.

The two actors recently were the lead voice actors for the animation “The Nutcracker.” The two look great together in vintage-style clothes on the set that is reminiscent of old Hollywood. Lee Sang Yeob looks like the perfect gentleman in classic tuxedos and suits. Kim Yoo Jung, who is sixteen years younger than Lee Sang Yeob, looks youthful but also confident.

In the interview, Lee Sang Yeob spoke about his voice co-star. “I was surprised when I saw Yoo Jung’s Facebook. She has a sensibility that is more mature than her actual age.”

The two also spoke about their acting careers. Lee Sang Yeob said, “Since I’m an actor I want to receive more recognition for my acting.”

Kim Yoo Jung said, “I feel like I’m in a relationship with acting.”