Photos of Lee Sang Yoon holding an electric racket are causing a racket among Korean netizens.

The actor is currently featured in MBC drama “Goddess of Fire Jeongi” as Gwanghae. His character embodies a charismatic but a gentle prince in 16th century Joseon dynasty Korea.

The pictures have caught the attention of netizens due to his fiery gaze fixed at a certain point, concentrating on capturing a mosquito. Following Lee Sang Yoon, Park Gun Hyung has also grabbed a racket for the purpose.

In the meantime, the upcoming episode of “Goddess of Fire Jeongi” has the audience anticipating for Gwanghae’s discovery of the true identity of Yu Jeong, played by Moon Geun Young. The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 PM KST.

lee sang yoon electric racket