tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time” held a press conference on May 17. Director Kim Hyung Sik and the cast including Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Sung Kyung, Im Se Mi, Han Seung Yeon, and SF9’s Rowoon were present.

During the press conference, Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung shared what it was like to act together as the male and female lead. When asked about the age difference between the two, Lee Sang Yoon jokingly replied, “Nine years is not that big of a difference. It’s not even 12 years.”

He added, “Lee Sung Kyung and I are a couple whose average height is 180 centimeters (approximately 5.9 feet). I think our similar height will make up for the age difference.”

Lee Sang Yoon continued, “In order to Iive up to Lee Sung Kyung’s visuals, I’ve been going to a cosmetic dermatologist, losing weight, and paying attention to my hair and clothes. I’m trying to appear as an attractive man in terms of acting as well.”

Lee Sung Kyung also explained that they worked well together, sharing that Lee Sang Yoon had the so-called “puppy-like charms.” The term usually implies that the person has a bright, bubbly character and easily befriends everyone around him. “I think he incorporates that really well into his character,” Lee Sung Kyung said. “That charm will stand out when he acts alongside my character.”

“About Time” is a fantasy romance that tells the story of a woman who can see people’s lifespans and a man who unexpectedly gets involved with her. The drama premieres on May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

Check out the trailer below!

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