Lee Seo Jin was embarrassed by Ji Sung’s straightforward comment on “Three Meals a Day.”

Actor Ji Sung appeared as a guest on the June 5 broadcast of the tvN show, joining Lee Seo Jin, Kim Kwang Gyu, and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon to experience a taste of the organic life.

During the broadcast, Ji Sung talks about the ring he is wearing on his hand, saying, “This is the ring I got to mark my 100 day anniversary [with wife Lee Bo Young]. I put my wedding ring away because I’m afraid I’ll lose it.”

At this, Lee Seo Jin then asks, “When I saw your wife it was your 100 day anniversary, right?” Ji Sung then immediately shoots back with questions of his own, saying, “I heard you told her to break up with me? You said not to trust men?”

Laughing out of embarrassment, Lee Seo Jin then admits, “I say that to everyone.”


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