With the end of “Three Meals of Day” coming up, Lee Seo Jin gave fans an insight into the behind-the-scene stories of the show during an interview for his recent pictorial.

In a pictorial with the magazine ONE, Lee Seo Jin poses in an elegant space that has a European taste to it. His romantic gaze and charming aura are enough to make fans swoon at his feet.

Though he can easily be seen in tvN’s “Three Meals a Day” in his natural state, he changed 180 degrees in style with his leather jacket and crisp dress shirt.

In an interview that went along with the pictorial, Lee Seo was asked who his favorite animal from “Three Meals a Day” was.

Eddy is the cutest, and Pearl and Dia are little rascals that look for food all day,” he answered.

The end of “Three Meals a Day” is approaching, and in retrospect, Lee Seo Jin was asked if he wanted to rebuild anything from the house.

“I want to rebuild the kiln because the smoke doesn’t cycle properly,” he said.

Meanwhile, fans can find more pictures from the pictorial and the interview through the September issue of ONE.

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