Ballad prince Lee Seung Gi is back with his 4th album ‘Shadow’ released on17th September.

This is his official album comeback after the digital single ‘Will
You Marry Me’ released in summer. After his previous hits like ‘Words
Hard to Say’, ‘Ip MoYang’, ‘Words Left Unsaid’ etc, many music fans are
looking to how he will fair with his comeback album.

Listen to the full album under the cut.

What is special about this album is that the song ‘Myeon SaPo’ is a
song given to Lee Seung Gi by Psy – who also gave Lee Seung Gi his
debut song ‘Because Noona is my Woman’ 5 years back.

Also, other songs like ‘Melody’ and ‘For You’ are written by
artistes like Brown Eyed Soul JungYeop and Japanese popular artiste

[Album] Lee Seung Gi Vol. 4 – Shadow
Ballad | 2009.09.17

01. 꽃처럼
02. 면사포
03. 우리헤어지자
05. 사랑이 맴돈다
06. 사랑이란
07. 그렇게 알게 됐어
08. 널 원해
09. 단념
10. 오래오래오(feat. AMEN)

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