“I thought all the songs I made would be good,” starts Lee Seung Gi on the latest episode of 1theK’s #hashtag, revealing that he had dabbled in composition. “I mean, I made them because they were good, right? I thought others would feel the emotions I did, but I got rejected a lot.”

He goes on to talk about one of his self-mades that didn’t get thrown overboard, called “Do I?” which is listed fourth on his album. “I wanted to write a funky song. It’s not about EXID’s Hani, although the name is the same.. I was shooting for a song that was kind of like Park Jin Young’s ‘Honey.’” 

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“It’s about me. In my head, I feel like I’m Michael Jackson; I really want to dance well. But, I really embarrassed myself on TV, and I’m basically just dissing myself about that,” he says, and expresses his wish for all the bad dancers in the country to be able to relate.

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