Lee Seung Gi recently shared his thoughts on stepping down from variety shows.

The press conference for “The King 2Hearts” was held on March 8 and the lead cast, Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Jae Moon, Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk attended.

During the press conference, Lee Seung Gi stated, “I unexpectedly had to step down from variety shows along with the start of this drama. However, the decision to step down from ‘1N2D‘ was already planned out before. Even when Kang Ho Dong stepped down from ‘Strong Heart,’ I knew I wasn’t able to carry on by myself because I still have so much to learn.”

He continued, “However, I couldn’t step down right away so my stay got extended. For all this time, I thought holding the MC spot by myself had its limits. The timing may seem otherwise but stepping down from variety shows is not because of ‘The King 2Hearts.’”

Finally, he stated, “Rather than saying that it was my goal to debut in Japan, I just wanted to act alongside my sunbaenims and learn. I did not chose this drama with any strategical means of enhancing my career. I’m just releasing a single album and getting ready for promotions as a singer. I still don’t have any concrete plans on debuting in Japan as an actor.”

The King 2Hearts” will be the follow-up drama for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” and will first air on March 21.