Lee Seung Gi recently talked about his ideal type of girl on MBC’s “The King 2hearts” official homepage on April 11. The clip is about 5 minutes long and the subject was “superior genes” and “Lee Seung Gi who plays Lee Seung Gi.” (Lee Jae Ha is the name of his character on “The King 2hearts.”) Lee Seung Gi stated, “My ideal type of girl always changes. But I don’t think Lee Jae Ha’s ideal type of girl that is both glamorous and has ingenious beauty is bad at all.”

He continued, “Because of the character Jae Ha I have begun to understand that, his ideal type is what most men want.”

Lee Seung Gi was asked about acting with Ha Ji Won and he answered, “I always wanted to act with Ha Ji Won. Our chemistry is better than I expected.

The full interview clip can be viewed here.