On March 28, Lee Seung Gi was interviewed by MBC “Good Feeling Day” and talked about his love for his parents. 

When he was asked to describe what kind of child he is at home, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’m just the same as others. When I have a lot of work scheduled, I often whine in front of my parents.”

He continued, “Honestly, I haven’t gone home that much lately. So I miss my parents even more. I never realized it before, but now I think I know what it feels to miss your parents.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has been starring in MBC drama “The King 2Hearts.” The drama series has been received quite well, topping the Wednesday and Thursday drama TV ratings for three straight episodes. “The King 2Hearts” airs during the same time slot as SBS “Rooftop Prince,” putting Lee Seung Gi in direct competition with Park Yoo Chun. 

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