Singer Lee Seung Gi is preparing for his first Japanese debut – which not only raised interest from his home country, but also created quite a stir in Japan as well.

From December 10 – 11, Seung Gi held his solo concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium where he stated that “From my fifth album I’ve selected two or three to be added onto my performances in Japan.”

With the news of Seung Gi heading over to Korea’s neighbouring country, Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports reported “’Korea’s little brother’ Lee Seung Ki is set to debut this month in our nation” on December 12. With the local media also anticipating Seung Gi’s first steps on Japanese soil, there is no doubt that the singer’s popularity will soar overseas. Furthermore, the singer has signed with renown Japanese agency called Amuse, home to stars like Kuwata Keisuke (well known singer/song-writer) and Fukuyama Masaharu (singer and actor).

In addition, with Lee Seung Gi’s vast area of expertise both musically and on-screen, the Japanese has compared him to Jang Geun Suk. Without a doubt, this seems to be a valid claim. Seung Gi made a successful debut in 2004 and established himself as a rising actor in 2009 with SBS’s “Brilliant Legacy,” which had significantly high viewership ratings. At one point, the drama achieved 47.1% viewership throughout the nation. He has also seen great success with various endorsement deals. Currently, he is Samsung and eleven other companies’ representative CF model. Another Japanese source claimed, “Although Jang Geun Suk is very popular among the Japanese, Lee Seung Gi has ousted him three years in a row regarding general appeal and is even labeled the ‘King of CFs.’”

What cannot be forgotten, however, is not only Lee Seung Gi’s physical charms, but also his unique and pleasant voice. Combining both his charming smile and sweet youthful charm with his equally charismatic vocals will undoubtedly gain Seung Gi more ground in Japan, along with a few melted hearts.

Lee Seung Gi may be an answer to all the antipathy and bitter stereotypes that have pervaded the two nations. With his unique ability to please a diverse range of people in his home country, the singer-actor may be able to do the same in Japan and, therefore, serve as a common factor that the citizens of both countries can relate to. After all, all the hatred in the world can be melted away with a single smile, or in Seung Gi’s case, voice included.