On March 11, MBC’sSection TV Entertainment” caught up with the stars of MBC’s upcoming drama “The King 2hearts.” During the episode, Lee Seung Gi and his co-stars Ha Ji Won, Lee Yoon Ji, Jo Jung Wuk, and others shared various stories they encountered while filming the series.

Lee Seung Gi revealed that he and Ha Ji Won completed shooting their kiss scene. He explained,It was more thrilling and intimate than a kiss.” As Lee Seung Gi was talking, “Section TV Entertainment” aired the clip of the intimate scene where Lee Seung Gi approaches a sleeping Ha Ji Won and gently kisses her on her neck. Lee Seung Gi humorously stated, “It [the kiss] was right where you put those anti-nausea patches.”

“The King 2hearts” takes place in a fictional contemporary South Korea, which is still ruled by monarchy. The story is about an arranged marriage between North Korean Special Forces female operative Kim Hang Ah and South Korea’s Crown Prince Lee Jae Ha. Initially, the two are blinded by their pride and prejudice against each other, but they manage to get past their differences and fall in love.

“The King 2hearts” will premiere on MBC on March 21 at 9:55PM KST.