For his fifth album later this year, Lee Seung Gi is said to be planning for a complete image make-over, taking on the “bad boy” concept over his original “clean-cut” image.

According to industry officials, Lee Seung Gi is busy recording his new album now. A total of 9 to 10 tracks are planned for the album, and he’s done with about five songs so far. One of the songs he’s considering for the title track is called, “I’m a Bad Boy (or Bad Boy).” Produced by “Honeydew’O,” a production team comprised of Jeong Yeop of the Brown Eyed Soul and Echo Bridge, the song is expected to turn Lee Seung Gi into a completely different singer from his earlier “clean-cut” image.

“We’re trying hard to pull out Lee Seung Gi’s sexy and masculine side, as opposed to his original clean, nice guy image,” an official was quoted as saying.

However, Lee Seung Gi’s agency said, “We haven’t finalized on the title track or album concept yet. We plan on releasing the new album by the end of this year.”

This album would be Lee Seung Gi’s first album since his 2009 album, “Shadow.” Does this mean we’ll get to see Lee Seung Gi with sexy choreography (e.g. Rain’s “Bad Boy” concept for “Rainism”)?