A seven year old girl who had to get an organ transplant at such a young age got to fulfill her wish to meet Lee Seung Gi.

The seven year old, Jo Eun Suh, got to meet the talented singer and actor Lee Seung Gi during her hospitalization at Seoul Asan Medical Center.

Jo Eun Suh is unable to eat, digest, and absorb her food properly.  She has a congenital disease with which she was born with.  Last October, she underwent a major surgery to transplant the liver, intestine, pancreas, stomach, colon, and spleen.

In a media interview around that time, she revealed that she would like to meet Lee Seung Gi oppa.  When Lee Seung Gi heard about her wish, he made the trip down to Asan Medical Center.  On February 28, politician Jung Mong Joon reported Lee Seung Gi’s visit to his Twitter followers.

A representative from his agency Hook Entertainment reported to Star News that, “Lee Seung Gi went out to meet Jo Eun Suh at Asan Medical Center once he heard about her story. She had to undergo such a major surgery. We hope she gets well soon.”