Outside stationary stores, you can now find Lee Seung Gi‘s character Choi Kang Chi’s bracelet being sold through toy vending machines. The bracelets appear to be currently popular among elementary schoolers, serving as a testament to the success of his drama, “Gu Family Book.”

On June 30, MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment News” interviewed actor Lee Seung Gi at the set of MBC’s drama, “Gu Family Book.”

On that day, Lee Seung Gi described his emotions as the drama series was coming to a close. He said, “It’s hard, I feel relieved yet sad at the same time. I also feel like for the first time, my popularity has expanded among elementary schoolers. I have been receiving the enthusiastic support of children around the age of 10.” He continued while laughing, “They told me that they’re selling Choi Kang Chi’s bracelet in front of stationary stores. I’m guessing they’re becoming a hot trend for kids these days.”

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