Lee Seung Gi is singing on the set of “The King 2hearts,” why?

Lee Seung Gi does not have any scenes where he is singing. But it is being said that on set he is always listening to music and singing. Whenever there is a break or whenever he is on the move, Lee Seung Gi is practicing his hot songs inside of his car.

The reason for Lee Seung Gi’s practice is because of a Tokyo concert on June 1.

Lee Seung Gi does not have a lot of time to practice singing because of his busy filming schedule. That is why he is making time whenever he can. A representative of his agency stated, “Although it is difficult, Lee Seung Gi is finding time to practice.”

A drama production team member stated, “He is really different. Filming is going on in consecutive days and he is probably tired, but he still practices singing. I don’t even know if he sleeps enough.”

Currently Lee Seung Gi is busy filming “The King 2hearts” and he is also preparing his Japanese debut. That is why he has ceased all other TV activities.