On April 15, four remaining contestants of SBS “K-Pop Star” once again charmed the audience and viewers during the seventh live broadcasting audition. In the end, the only remaining male contestant Lee Seung Hoon was eliminated from the competition. Lee Seung Hoon performed self-written rap, “The Show Must Go On” during this live audition.

When he found out that he will no longer be competing, Lee Seung Hoon thanked everyone in tears. He said, “I feel relieved now. I would like to thank all the judges and staff at ‘K-Pop Star’ for making me who I am today.” YG also teared up while saying his last goodbye comment to Lee Seung Hoon. He commented, “I wanted to say goodbye smiling, but since he is crying, it’s making me cry. Seung Hoon, do what you enjoy. I will see you in the professional world.”  

After Lee Seung Hoon’s elimination, Baek Ayeon, Lee Hai, and Park Ji Min are still remaining in the competition, advancing to the top 3 round. Many viewers and fans are paying close attention to “K-Pop Star” as the first female winner of an audition program is expected. 

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