Netizens are having an unexpected dispute over Lee Si Eon‘s recent post about Sony PlayStation5.

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

Last month, Lee Si Eon posted photos of PlayStation 5 as well as a caption of gratitude to Sony for sending him such a generous gift.

I came home to a surprise gift! Even not-for-sale games… that wipe all your stress away. Thank you very much.

— Lee Si Eon

As harmless as the post was, some netizens had a problem with it.


The reason being that Sony PlayStation 5 is a Japanese product.

  • I don’t think it’s right for a famous celebrity to accept a gift from a Japanese brand and brag about it on social media.
  • You should protest against Japanese products.
  • I don’t support this advertisement.

On the other hand, other netizens are confused as to why he should be hated on for such a harmless post.

  • Whether he protests against Japanese products or not is his choice.
  • These people are just jealous.
  • I want one, too!

Some Koreans have been on strike against Japanese products due to trade disputes between Korea and Japan.

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

While people have mixed feelings about it, Lee Si Eon was criticized for his recent mention of PlayStation 5 on social media.

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

On another note, Lee Si Eon recently announced that he’ll be stepping down from MBC‘s I Live Alone to focus on his acting career.