Netizens caught actress Lee Si Young lying to Jay Park. Recently on an online community board, a posting was made with the title, “Lee Si Young’s Lie.”

A scene from the April 21 episode of MBC TV “Music and Lyrics” was captured, where Lee Si Young feeds Jay Park kimbap (Korean rice rolls) while he is driving. While she is feeding him, she says, “It is really my first time feeding someone like this,” and gives off a shy expression afterwards.

However, after the broadcast, netizens found a scene from the past of Lee Si Young and Jun Jin together on MBC TV “We Got Married.” In the captured scene, Lee Si Young can be seen feeding Jun Jin cherry tomatoes.

Netizens who saw this commented, “Was it a first time for kimbap?” “That degree of lie is understandable if it’s by a woman,” and “Miss Lee Si Young, first Jun Jin, now Jay Park?”

Watch the scene from “Music and Lyrics” below. It starts around 19:50.