During the recent filming of MBC’s “Golden Fishery-Radio Star,” actress and boxing star Lee Si Young appeared as a special guest. Lee Sii Young, who recently received a lot of attention when she made the national boxing team, revealed her honest feelings and thoughts concerning various aspects of her life.

When the topic of plastic surgery came up, she stated, “It has been 10 years since the surgery, so I am very comfortable with this face. After the surgery at the age of 23, I have never gone back in 10 years to get more done.”

With respect to the controversy of unfair judgement during the boxing game in her favor, Lee Si Young answered, “I felt bad. But then, I realized that it is my fault for not achieving a clean win. My goal now is to practice hard so that things like this won’t happen again.”

Meanwhile, this episode of “Golden Fishery” will be aired on July 11 at 11:20pm (KST).