Actress Lee Si Young is taking action before the rumors about her get out of control.

The actress’s management agency, J, Wide Company, stated today in an official release: “We regard the unverified rumors – namely ‘chirashi,’ which come out like they are the truth- as severely hurting her reputation as well as causing her pain. All the content indicated [in the chirashi] is false.”

J, Wide Company also stated that Lee Si Young will be taking swift and strong legal action, and will be filing for criminal charges against the original distributor and others who have proliferated slanders and false rumors about her.

Earlier this day, a “chirashi” spread through social media channels that there is a video of Lee Si Young engaged in sexual intercourse that her agency is using to blackmail her and that the police are currently investigating this case.

Lee Si Young is currently starring in the OCN action crime drama “My Beautiful Bride.”

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